Graphic Design

For Museums & Exhibitions

Visitor Experience

Understanding graphic design for a visitor experience.

The graphics are just one part of a visitor’s journey through the space, and their whole experience needs to be considered when designing the graphics.

I aim to break the content down, without dumbing it down, so it can be enjoyed by a range of visitors.

A Unique Approach

Some graphic designers repeat their style for every project

I like to get under the skin of your content and deliver graphics that suit your style, not mine.

I don’t use favourite fonts, or recycle old tricks. You get a unique design response to your interpretation and content.

3D Design Experience

Employing a graphic designer with experience of 3d design will help your project succeed.

I can read the construction drawings and understand the details, designing graphics that work within your build.

You’ll spend less time briefing me and less time setting up elevations. I can take the design drawings and extract the graphic sizes and specifications.

There’s less chance of error as I can spot potential problems and help find solutions.

Large Format Experience

Small scale graphic designers can create BIG artwork problems.

My experience of designing and artworking large format graphics for visitors will help you avoid nasty surprises on site.

You won’t need to worry about unreable font choices, tiny type sizes or inaccessible heights.

Your graphics will look good printed BIG!

Print project management

I work with contractors to find the best print solution for your project, balancing cost, flexibility and sustainability.

I can liaise with the print contractors, obtain quotes, negotiate costs, arrange deliveries and attend the installation.

This takes the hassle out of dealing with the print production process for you.

Bespoke Illustrations

Supplying 2D and 3D illustrations to help bring your graphics to life.

No matter how exciting the copy is, sometimes it helps to have an illustration. I can create 2D and 3D illustrations to add to your museum or visitor attraction graphics.



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