Freelance Museum & Exhibition Designer

3D Designer

3D Designer for Exhibitions & Museums
freelance exhibition design 3D

Freelance 3D Designer

I will start a design project by quickly modelling the basic shapes and planning the exhibition spaces, working to combine the storyline with an elegant design.

As the project progresses the 3D models become more detailed and are used for the design development and construction phases.

3D Visualiser

3D Visualiser for Exhibitions & Museums
Freelance Exhibition Design Visualiser

Freelance 3D Visualiser

I will visualise throughout the design development stages to communicate the exhibition mood and design to the client.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Creative Graphic Design & Artwork
Freelance Exhibition Graphic Design

Freelance Graphic Design & Illustration

With experience of designing and artworking for large format exhibition graphics I can design creative graphics and illustrations for exhibitions.

Graphic design skills come in useful for creating design sheets for presentation. I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for graphic design.

AutoCAD Designer

AutoCAD Design for Exhibitions
Freelance Exhibition AutoCAD Designer

Freelance AutoCAD Designer

I use AutoCAD to produce detail drawings for specification and tender purposes.

I pay close attention to the layouts resulting in a clear and organised package of working drawings.

Senior Design & Project Management

Management Experience
Freelance Senior 3D Designer

Freelance Senior Design & Project Management

I can manage a design project and understand professional work practices so can be trusted with the responsibility of working directly with clients. I have experience of taking exhibition projects from concept to installation successfully.

Design for Museums

Some finished exhibitions
Freelance Experiential Exhibition Designer

Experiential Design for Museums

I have been an exhibition designer since 2005. On this page you can see a selection of completed projects.


Who do I work with?

1. Design companies
Often my skills complement an in-house design team. For example, turning their design ideas into concept visuals or translating concepts into detail drawings for tender. I help with project workloads during busy periods and help to win new work.

2. Museums and visitor attractions
I help out any organisation marketing themselves to visitors - including museums, visitor centres and attractions. They will come to me when they need a vision for transforming a space. Often this needs visualising to excite their visitors and colleagues.

3. Exhibitions contractors
Contractors often don't have an in-house design team. I help out by providing practical design support and visuals for design and build tenders.

How long does a design take?

If you have a specific task in mind, I can often show you a previous project as a guide to how much design time is needed.

My approach is to work quickly and carefully to ensure your design project is completed on time and to a high standard.

We are not local - can we still work together?

Yes, I have clients all over the UK, some have never met me in person!

During the design project we keep up to date with the design progress on dropbox to allow us to collaborate when required.

We can keep in touch via email or phone. I find skype is good for quick progress meetings, we can share exhibition designs on screen and comment in real time.

Distance should never be an issue; I work on international projects.

Where have I worked?

freelance exhibition designer

Some client comments:

"Just a quick note to say the work you’ve produced was excellent - really impressive."
"I had a look at the pitch and it looks great, very clear and some exciting visuals."
"The board were very impressed with your designs and ideas."
"Wow – this is amazing. Thank you very much. You are so speedy!"

Am I available now?

I always try to fit in new enquiries, give me a call or email and we can chat about your project.

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